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    Skin Tag Removal

    Skin tags are benign, small, flesh colored skin growths that usually grow in skin fold. Dr. K can numb the skin tags and remove them within minutes.

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    Sebaceous Cyst Removal

    Epidermoid cysts occur when epidermal cells grow in a small space. They are noncancerous, and sometimes become larger or smaller. Sometimes epidermoid cysts become infected and require antibiotics along with…

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    Integrative Wellness

    If your are interested in boosting your health with herbs, meditation, vitamins and meditation, you have come to the right place. Dr. Harvey has trained in integrative medicine. Integrative medicine…

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    Family Medicine

    Family medicine is a specialty in primary care that includes health care for the entire family. Family physicians are trained to manage chronic illnesses, women’s health and pediatric illnesses. They…

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    Life Coaching

    Life coaches increase the likelihood of you reaching your lifelong and short term goals by counseling you on areas in life that may be hampering your from reaching your goals.…

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    Weight Loss Counseling

    Weight loss is one of the most challenging things to do in life. Because we want you to get long term results we mostly counsel individuals of diet, exercise, and…

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